1. If PHP had list comprehensions and generators

    A couple of weeks ago an interesting proposal poped up on the PHP mailing list with a hack someone made to introduce generators, generator expressions and list comprehensions. Unsurprisingly some people wheren't trully convinced about the prospects of this feature; both from core developers and language users. As such, I tought I'd share a few ideas and try to win these guys over.

  2. Practical Haskell #1 converting Markdown to HTML

    I've seen fairly often the complaint that Haskell is missing practical examples for new developers to embark on. I can relate to that, and because I'm up to the point where I can build "real world" applications I will try to share my experience with Haskell as I progress along.

  3. atop, an awesome top alternative

    Sysadmins reading this may just laugh thinking "And you're just finding out?", to which I could only nod embarrassingly in approval. But for those unaware of atop let me tell you what pain it could have eased for me.

  4. Twitter Bootstrap, hostile free layouting

    If there were a ceremony to award productivity boosting tools, Bootstrap would be a primary nominee, if not a winner.

  5. Addendum to function currying

    In my last post I've tried to explain the differences between partial function application and function currying.

  6. Differentiating between function currying and partial function application

    With the recent rise of functional programming (in recent years) a lot of concepts have made their way into mainstream programming languages. Higher order functions, closures, partial function applications, currying; just to name a few.

  7. A simple symfony 1.4 URL validator

    A 0.5 improvement, is still an improvement.

  8. Sleepsort

    It simply amazed me the cleverness that this guy on 4chan had when writing this algorithm.

  9. CodeJam, a lesson in Haskell IO

    As you may know yesterday took place the qualification round for the Google Code Jam contest. While it's start time was around 2AM in my timezone I felt pretty excited to participate, given that my objective was to use Haskell and get better in it.

  10. Flavius Josephus in Haskell

    My first Haskell solution for a programming praxis challenge, and this time I almost nailed it.

  11. The Ackermann function in Haskell

    While the Ackermann function is a trivial one to write, it made me realize something today.

  12. Bingo game in Io language

    This is the third chronological challenge from ProgrammingPraxis, and this challenge took the most time to complete given I it was the first program I wrote in the Io language

  13. FTP, PHP and leaky abstractions

    To be honest until recently I never gave much taught on FTPs way of working. Sure I've used it for a long time, and tried to minimize it's use for an even longer period; but sometimes you just get things as granted.

  14. A Subversion horror story

    Every once in a while the stars align for one, and only one single purpose; to drive developers in the twilight zone of bug madness. Unlike many other occurrences, this time the problem wasn't code related, it all happened at the version control level.

  15. Beautiful Data by Toby Segaran, Jeff Hammerbacher

    While reading the title you may think of something like “Data structures in C” with a twist, I have to note that this book is a completely different beast.

  16. SQL Pocket Guide by Jonathan Gennick

    As the third book I am reviewing in a row through the O'Reilly bloggers program I chose one from a series of books I never actually had the chance to read before; pocket reference/guides.

  17. HTML5 - Up and running by Mark Pilgrim

    Or as I would rather call the book HTML5 - Up and running away from the madness.

  18. Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun

    Amusing, captivating, inspiring and motivational - those would be the words I'd use to describe the book for anyone asking.

  19. The Art of Unit Testing: With Examples in .Net

    The Art of Unit Testing: With Examples in .Net by Roy Osherove is a great book I've read a couple of weeks ago, and of which I would like to write a few words.

  20. MVC is a lie...

    ...especially in the context of web frameworks.

  21. Prototype based object oriented programming in PHP

    The other day I've found this interestingly controversial submission on reddit and I must admit that after taking a quick look at the code, I ran of for some eye bleach to erase that image from my mind.

  22. High Performance JavaScript: Build Faster Web Application Interfaces

    While many people praise Douglas Crockford's (a.k.a. Javascripts adoptive parent) JavaScript: The Good Parts on a daily basis, some without even having read the book, I think that the book I am about to review is more adequate to many Javascript developers and enthusiasts.

  23. HTTP: The Definitive Guide

    Early this week the book HTTP: The Definitive Guide has finally arrived. I've put on hold all my side projects and gave it a read, and have written this post to share my opinion about it.

  24. The state of PHP frameworks

    If I remember well, it was about two years ago that I first laid hands on CodeIgniter. It was my first web framework and came in touch with it after seeing it listed as development tool of one web agency I was checking out.

  25. Sieve of Eratosthenes in PHP

    As mentioned in my last article, I started doing some challenges from the Programming Praxis website. And here comes my PHP solution to the second challenge.

  26. RPN Calculator in PHP

    I've found this nice little blog a couple of days ago called Programming Praxis (it's in my blogroll as well) which poses a series of programming challenges.

  27. Port forwarding with PuTTY

    A couple of days ago, while being at home, I had to access a couple of services for testing, that are under normal circumstances only accessible from the companies intranet.

  28. Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software

    Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software is one of the books that you highly anticipate to read, given all the positive feedback in all the book reviews it's listed. But I beg to differ.

  29. Hamster applet - probably the best time tracking application

    And I could say this in both a regretful and joyful voice.

  30. sed & awk

    sed & awk (2nd Edition) by Dale Dougherty and Arnorld Robbins is one of those books that deserves it's special place on the bookshelf of any developer, system administrator or Unix enthusiast.

  31. A thing or two about Postfix log analysis

    In the last couple of days I had to work on a parser for our email server which uses Postfix; and while it was my first time when I had anything to do with Postfix logs there are a couple of things I'd like to share to the ones that are starting just now with them.

  32. A thing or two about Postfix log analysis

    In the last couple of days I had to work on a parser for our email server which uses Postfix; and while it was my first time when I had anything to do with Postfix logs there are a couple of things I'd like to share to the ones that are starting just now with them.

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